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    Faction Leader:

    Faction Leaders can be determined through one of three methods: Rank, Time, and Admin. These settings are set within the Options Menu and you can not use more then one at a time. Setting one as True sets the others as False.

    Faction Leaders By Rank: This setting makes it so which ever player has the highest rank (gained through Faction kills) becomes the Leader.

    Faction Leaders By Time: This setting makes it so which ever player has the most time within the Faction becomes the Leader. During Challenges (if enabled) the leader loses Faction Time on loss.

    Faction Leaders By Admin: This setting makes it so the Leader is selected by the Admin. If Revolt Challenges are enabled the challenger will become the Leader if he or she defeats the Leader.

    As the Leader you are able to impose a tax on faction members. This is done by designating a tax box from within the Leader Command Menu. You will also want to assign a tax also within the Leader Command Menu. Items that are gathered, harvested, or picked up (mineral deposits) will automatically place the "taxed" amount in the tax box designated and give the harvester the difference. For example if a player chops a tree for 50 wood and there is a 10% tax 5 wood will go in the box and 45 will go to the player. If the tax box is full the Faction Leader will receive a chat notification (if online) that the box is full. While the box is full players will not be taxed.

    Rally Spawns:

    Leaders can set Rally Spawns if they are enabled. Rally Spawns present a spawn button AFTER respawning to a sleeping bag, bed, or random location. This button is on a 10 seconds timer, if not used it will disappear. This allows Leaders to set an optional spawn point for during Raids or for some other reason. These spawn points are saved forever and last until the Leader changes or Deletes them. Spawns can also be set as always useable by enabling PersistentSpawns. This option makes it so the Spawn Buttons are shown in the Player Commands Menu. Spawns are automatically on a 30 minute cooldown which can be changed in the Config File.

    Trade Skills:

    Leaders can assign players as specific Trade Skills. If "AllowTradesByPlayer" is set to True, players can choose and change their own trade skills from within the Player Command Menu. Trade skills provide a gathering bonus to the player and level as they are used. The Trade Skills include Lumberjack (wood), Miner (Stone/Ore), Hunter (skinning), and Crafter (craft rate). There is a setting which limits the number of Trades per Faction which is by default set at 2. Changing Trades lowers the experience level of the player back to level 1. Level Requirements, Max Level, and Level Bonus is set in Config. Trade Skills are assigned via the Leader Command Menu.

    Battle Zones:

    Battle Zones bring a new element to the Factions system by providing an incentive for being a Faction Leader. The Leader of each Faction is able to create a Battle Zone (which has a cooldown - configurable in the Config File). There can only be one Battle Zone at any time across the entire server; so if one is open you must destroy it or wait for it to end prior to making one for your Faction. Upon creation of the Battle Zone the Leader's inventory and health are saved. He or she is then automatically given resources, a building plan, a hammer, (2) auto turrets, armored doors, and code locks. The Leader is given a grace period 10 minutes by default (BZPrepTime configurable in the Config File) to build prior to anyone else being able to join or enter the Zone. After the preparation period ends everyone on the server within a Faction that is not a Free-For-All Faction is presented a button to "Join the Battle Zone". Prior to joining each player should equip themselves for battle. Upon pressing the button the players inventory and health are saved and they are teleported just outside the Battle Zone. Players inside the zone can not kill players outside the zone and players outside the zone can not kill players inside the zone. Any attacker that enters the zone is given 2 C4 a rocket launcher and rockets. The objective is to kill the Leader. The objective for the Leader is to defeat every enemy or to survive 1 hour. Faction Members can join to help protect the Leader.
    The Auto-Turrets deployed by the Leader are spawned with very low life but each time one is destroyed he or she is given a new one.

    AutoTurrets and Doors/Locks can be opened by all Faction Members without knowing the code. So don't stress telling people the code.

    Finally, dying results in you not being able to rejoin the Battle Zone so it is essentially Hardcore Mode. Also if you try to walk out of the zone it will kill you after a 10 second timer.
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