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    Cruesdan, a oligarchy that has long ago suppressed its citizens individualism, everyone works for the greater good of the government and it "protects" its citizens from the neighboring countries. In a constant war; Crusedan is bombed constantly.
    Or that's what the citizens are spoon fed. In reality Cruesdan has complete control over its citizens, there is no war or other countries. The council bombs its own citizens to insight fear and anger at non existent enemies. They constantly watch for any rebellious thoughts and kill, brainwash, or send to camps those involved

    Brilton Order. A collection of small towns and villages in the surrounding wastes/forest/area of Cruesdan Coalition. Any large cities would be instantly destroyed by Cruesdan's brainwashed troops. These rebels are made up of exiled citizens, escapees, or soldiers that abandoned Cruesdan.
    Highly outgunned and manned they stick to gorilla warfare and tend to just play defensively.

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