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    DUSKombat is a full system rewrite for combat in Wurm Unlimited. It eliminates CR for combat calculations and replaces them with new calculations focused on increasing the meaning of fighting, weapon, and shield skills. Installation of this system is not to be taken lightly, and should be considered carefully before implementation. This dramatically changes how combat is done in the game and may not be applicable to existing servers.

    • D.U.S.K Overview
      • The D.U.S.K system is a full combat redesign with the intention of making combat more active and engaging.
      • The secondary intention of this new system is to open up new strategies and tactics for combat, rewarding proper preparation and execution for each encounter moreso than simply having the "best" gear and stats.
      • Finally, this improves the combat log to increase clarity. The colors able to be used in the combat log were fairly limited, but I've done the best I can with what I have available.
    • New Combat Flow
      • The previous combat flow was as follows: Swing -> CR Hit/Miss -> (Shield Block) -> Parry -> Dodge -> Glance -> Damage
      • The new combat flow is now: Swing -> Accuracy -> Dodge -> Critical -> (Shield Block) -> Parry -> (Secondary Parry) -> Glance -> Damage
      • Swing - The beginning of an attack
        • The swing step is mostly unchanged from the previous combat system. However there are a few details that should be noted.
        • Swing timers for secondary weapons no longer only applies after the first combat round.
        • Secondary weapons now swing at 40% of their standard rate, down from 50%. This includes headbutts, wingbuffs, etc. from creatures.
        • Stamina loss when swinging a weapon (hit or miss) has been adjusted.
          • There is now a base stamina cost, instead of being entirely dependent on the weight of the weapon.
          • Weapon weight is now less of a factor in stamina loss than previously.
          • Total stamina cost is now modified by fighting stance. Aggressive requires 20% more stamina per swing, and defensive requires 20% less stamina per swing.
          • This should make aggressive a high stamina cost way to deal lots of damage quickly, while defensive is more oriented towards lengthy combat or draining the opponent of stamina.
        • Creatures now turn towards the target when they attempt a swing.
          • They will only turn when they attack, meaning that getting behind a creature after they swing for a bonus is now a more viable option.
          • This improves Web Armour's effectiveness because after they land a hit, their next attack is further delayed, giving you a larger opportunity to obtain backstab attacks.
          • This will make identifying the target that a strong creature (unique etc) is attacking much easier.
      • Accuracy - Hit/Miss
        • Whether you hit or miss is no longer a pass/fail based on Combat Rating.
        • Instead, each successful swing will create an "accuracy" for that attack. This accuracy check uses the weapon skill.
        • The accuracy will help determine how effective some defensive measures are, and also give additional bonuses for extremely accurate strikes.
        • Failing the accuracy check will result in a miss.
        • Players with very low skill (less than 20) in their weapon will likely notice about a 60/40 rate of hit/miss.
        • Players with mediocre skill (around 50) in their weapon will likely see about 80/20 or 90/10 rate of hit/miss.
        • Players with high skill (more than 70) in their weapon will almost never fail the accuracy check, and generally have high accuracy rolls on their attacks making defensive measures less effective.
        • Positive Factors:Weapon Skill, Fighting Skill, Height Advantage (above opponent), Flanking (behind opponent), Focus, Mounts
        • Negative Factors: Height Disadvantage (below opponent), Vehicle (cart/wagon/etc.)
        • Beneifical Buffs: Truehit, Nimbleness
      • Dodge - Avoid the attack as a defender
        • Dodge is no longer a rare RNG-heavy occurrence, and instead a core mechanic of combat.
        • The defender checks their fighting skill against the accuracy of the attack in order to determine their chance to dodge. The defender body control also plays a critical role.
        • Dodge chance is highly modified based on current stamina of the defender. If the defender has no stamina, they are extremely unlikely to dodge. All creatures (including NPC's) have stamina and can be affected by this change. Uniques, titans, rare spawns, and some other creatures that used to have extremely high combat rating are immune to this effect.
        • Positive Factors:Fighting Skill, Body Control, High Stamina
        • Negative Factors: Attack Accuracy, Low Stamina
        • Beneficial Buffs: Willowspine, Excel
      • Critical - Double Damage & Defensive Bypass
        • Critical strikes are now available in both PvE and PvP, on both sides of combat. Players can critically strike creatures, and creatures can critically strike players.
        • Critical strikes instantly 1.5x the damage being dealt, and bypasses all further defensive checks (parry & shield block). Only a dodge will prevent a critical strike.
        • Factors at play can raise critical strike chance under very specific conditions up above 10%.
        • Truestrike (from the sorcery) grants a guaranteed critical strike. This comes with the benefits of bypassing defensive checks.
        • Critical strike chances aren't in a very good spot (using default calculations) and I'd like to adjust how they function before diving into specific factors.
      • Parry - Block damage via your weapon
        • Parry no longer has a "cooldown" based on RNG and the weapon skill now plays a larger factor in determining whether you parry.
        • Instead of a cooldown, each parry will incur a low duration debuff that reduces your chance to parry.
          • The debuff for parry is called "Clumsiness" - you can ignore the description saying it reduces combat rating.
          • The duration of the clumsiness debuff is determined by the amount of damage parried. Parries on very light attacks will incur very low duration clumsiness, and high damage attacks will incur higher duration clumsiness.
          • Duration is tied entirely to the amount of penalty to parry you have. Longer durations will incur higher penalties, and as the debuff wears out, your chance to parry increases.
          • Clumsiness caps out at 25 seconds maximum. This cap should only be reached through excessive parries of high-damage attacks. Most common attacks will only incur a few seconds of parry debuff.
          • Swords have a bonus that applies only half the duration when parrying. This makes skilled swordsmen extremely effective at parrying.
          • This debuff applies to NPC's as well as players.
        • Parry chance is moderately affected by stamina. As your stamina decreases, your chance to parry also decreases.
        • Fighting skill now plays a significant role in assisting your parry rate. Higher fighting skill will allow for much easier parries.
        • Parry is directly affected by the attack accuracy. High accuracy attacks will be very difficult to parry.
        • Parry rate per weapon has a direct effect on the difficulty of parry. It will be extremely unlikely to parry with a weapon that has a low parry rate, unless the wielder is extremely skilled with it.
        • Positive Factors:Weapon Skill, Fighting Skill, High Stamina, Weapon Parry Rate
        • Negative Factors: Attack Accuracy, Low Stamina
        • Beneficial Buffs: Excel, Nimbleness
      • Secondary Block/Parry - Block damage via your offhand or shield
        • Blocking with a shield works similarly to the new parry. The debuff is instead called "Exhaustion" and works identically to the parry debuff, but for shields.
        • Parrying with an offhand is modified by the same systems that govern primary weapon parry. However, there is an important note.
          • Clumsiness with a weapon is based on the weapon type, and not the actual weapon.
          • For example, dual wielding warhammers will share Clumsiness between the two of them. However, if you were to wield a warhammer and medium maul, their Clumsiness debuffs would be applied individually when each one parried.
          • This gives the option to focus on obtaining high skill with a single weapon type and giving yourself two rolls to parry (while sharing the penalty), or to diversify your weaponry and give yourself optimal defenses without sacrificing offense.
          • Offhands have double penalty from the Clumsiness debuff. This will not affect the duration applied when they are used to parry, but will affect their rate of parry when the Clumsiness debuff is active.
        • Blocking with shields is now heavily affected by stamina. As your stamina decreases, your chance to block also decreases.
      • Glance - Doubling Down Armour DR
        • Glance does not work like how it used to. Instead of completely avoiding damage, it mitigates damage significantly.
        • Glance rates are identical to before, meaning a glancing blow can occur as often as the previous glance rates would against the same incoming damage types.
        • Damage reduction for glancing attacks is scaled linearly based on QL of the armour, from 0% at 0QL to 2/3 (66.6%) damage reduction at 100QL. This is 0.66% reduction per QL.
        • This means an 80QL armour will reduce damage by ~53.3%, and 90QL armour will reduce damage by 60% on glancing attacks.
      • Damage - The step towards death
        • Damage calculations are mostly the same with some minor optimizations and efficiency changes.
        • Chance for a wound to stack on top of an existing wound at the same location has been increased from 70% to 80%. This should cause less total wounds throughout combat.
        • Damage calculations for Frostbrand and Flaming Aura have been adjusted to 0.35% damage per power, up from 0.333%.
        • Elemental Immunity from Path of Power is no longer pure immunity to elemental damage.
          • Elemental Immunity now grants 20% additive reduction to elemental damage per level after 8 (20% at 9, 40% at 10, 60% at 11, 80% at 12, and full immunity regained at level 13).
          • This change was made due to how many creatures are now utilizing elemental damage types in combat, including Titans. Players were able to fully ignore the damage of Ifrit by activating Elemental Immunity while fighitng him. This included immunity to his Smite spell.
          • Incoming PvP damage will be reduced by half the amount at each level (10% per level after 8). This caps out at 50% reduced damage while Elemental Immunity is active at Path of Power level 13.
        • New verbs have been added to the vocabulary for combat damage messages. They are now as follows:
          • Strength: unnoticeably, very lightly, lightly, hard, very hard, extremely hard, deadly hard, brutally hard, fiercely, viciously, savagely, +2 more to find.
          • Damage: tickle, slap, irritate, hurt, harm, damage, injure, cripple, maim, mutilate, +2 more to find.
    • Miscellaneous
      • All combat messages have been updated with new and improved multicolor lines. These contain more information about combat and try to distinguish important information through color.
      • Special moves are now available to use as soon as you enter combat.
      • Weaponless secondary attacks no longer occur for players if they have a weapon equipped.
      • Secondary attacks for NPC creatures are fully unlocked. Creatures with many secondary weapons (such as dragons) will now utilize their whole weapon arsenal without holding back when attacking.
      • Armour now takes roughly double the amount of damage in combat from before.
      • Missing with a weapon will now play a miss sound. Gone is the awkward silence of diceroll combat.
      • Focus now reduces incoming damage slightly at every level instead of only at Supernatural stage. Total damage reduction has been reduced.
      • Salves/potions that change damage type now override Venom's damage type change. However, Venom will still apply it's poison to the wound, allowing fire/cold/acid wounds to be poisoned.
      • Critical attacks now have a new message stating that they were critical strikes.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Wind of Ages/Blessings of the Dark no longer overrides Frantic Charge for increased swing speed.
      • Thornshell now reflects damage when used on NPC creatures.
      • Weapons now take damage when used by creatures (shod clubs etc. will now drop damaged from the troll using it in combat).
      • Damage from elemental enchants now ignore the damage threshhold. They now deal full damage regardless of the armour of the enemy.
      • Aura of Shared Pain and Web Armour now both apply their effects if they exist on an armour, instead of Aura of Shared Pain taking priority.
      • Stacking infection on a wound no longer randomizes it's value twice. It instead only rolls the random value once.
      • Dominated creatures dealing damage now counts as PvP for the purposes of damage reduction from body strength and similar.

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